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what is backlink?

What is Backlink ?

Backlink is a Gold Mine

As a blog reader and a blogger number of times I heard the word Backlinks, I meet my few blogging friends and ask for Backlinks several time but unfortunately I didn’t get a good answer for that, finally I decided to search for it and as a result of it I found some information about it and I thought it should share with others.

Simply backlink is a any link received by a web page, directory, website, or top level domain from another web node

Backlink is a valuable part of a SEO campaign. Because how much we increase our Backlinks of our blog the value of the blog increase same as that. So most of webmasters saying putting Backlinks is like digging a gold mine.

Backlinking is not a hard thing. But also it is not a very easy thing
When you surfing on internet you can found some SEO companies and programs tell they give 1000 2000 backlink instantly. That’s right they are instant and worthless. So don’t be lazy to collect backlinks through that method. If you want to get good backlinks you have to collect them manually.
Putting your blog link in some ones site or blog normally called backlinking. It could be in article section or commenting section. Mostly I do it by commenting. When the search engine bots identified you link in another webpage it collected as a backlink.

The Value of a Backlink

Backlinks are very essential fact for a blog, As I told you above backlink is like a gold mine. Because each backlink increases your page rank every time. Bloggers know the value of page ranks. So if you want to get a page rank you have to create tons of natural backlinks manually. Don’t get artificial backlink. Think as google think about backlinks. Create one by one.
If you want to get a good page rank you have to get backlinks from page ranked sites.

How to Collect Natural Backlinks

I’m telling you the easiest and 100% accurate way, search on internet for do follow blogs. And you will find lists of do follow blogs. Commenting on that blogs, that’s what I’m doing. Always use page ranked blogs and sites to comment.
Also you can find article directories and submit articles and have your link mentioned in the resource box . this is also a very accurate backlinking method.

If you put alexa gadget in your site you can count your backlinks from it.
So that’s what I got from my searching about backlinks. Hope you will enjoy this and have a nice blogging….

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It's really good information me and every one .

I just read through this posting and had to express gratitude personally. Very clear and succinct! Short sweet love quotes

Ya.. Really valuable post about backlinks. At the end of the post, You mentioned that you can count backlinks from alexa. I didn't knew about that. I'm using BacklinkWatch and Ahrefs. Those are the best tools ever to count it. The best and the greatest way to grab backlinks is guest posting. Then my favorite one is blog commenting. Anyway important post dude! keep writing!

Once again great post. You seem to have a good understanding of these themes.When I entering your blog,I felt this . Come on and keep writting your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

Creating Back links are very important in seo. There are many free backlinks methods. High page rank back link creation is the most important one

i like it. i have a knowledge of back links. this article enhance my knowledge of back links

Thanks, I got some more information on backlinks.

Smart Science

That was correct about backlinkwatch. but in alexa it gives the 100% correct and valuble links.

can you give us tricks how can i increase Blacklinks

When you talk about backlinks, it is as good as talking about trade executions (you pay a price and get your good or service) in such a way that, you drop a comment and get traffic in return. The comment is the price while the traffic is the service. Once you understand this, you will have no difficulty in carrying the task out. I will be sharing with everyone on by the end of the week, the steps that I take in getting backlinks. Do have a blessed week.

For most people to make mention of alexa, this alexa must be good then. can i know how to get it and how to fix it in my blog pls?

Thanks for this post. It Very nice Blog. It was a very good Blog. I like it. Thanks for sharing knowledge. Ask you to share good Blog again.

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good information ....!!!! thanks for sharing. i was looking for the how to get back-links. this article helped me in that. informative

goog explanation....please write more about page ranking


thanks for the information...but i'm still having doubts on how to check about backlinks in my blog. looking forward for more example information.

I now see the answer to what av been looking for about backlinks

how do i get backlink for my website

Just about every webmaster wants their site to do well and get a great deal of traffic. Getting website traffic is the whole purpose of search engines optimization and without that motive no one would care about getting backlinks at all. Still, getting backlinks are not as important as it used to be. The focus now has to be on getting quality backlinks for those who are working on SEO.

this article is very important for me. I have learned many things.

write can give us more example of backlinks?

thanks.. I learn it from u. thanks again.

useful information, please share more methods to increase backlinks.

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The article is very educating. but i want to get quality backlinks to this site
can someone assist.

Really very good information for me.I learn very easily about back link here.Thank you.

I think your writing is great you put a lot of information and thoughts to it, I like how you out tons of connections and also it seems like you made lot of new research on the article which is good. And you ideas of money and happiness is VERY true

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