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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

(Meta Tag Part I)

 Most of web owners still didn’t use Meta tags at all. I don’t know the reason for that but I know the importance of these Meta tags, so to day I’m going to tell you the importance of Meta tags and how to insert them to your site. Don’t worry it is easy and simple.

It is basically HTML codes that are inserted into the header section on a web page to describe the content about your posts, In the context of search engine optimization, usually it consist of a Meta description and a key words. when people refer to Meta tags, they are usually referring to the Meta description tag and the Meta keywords tag.

Meta description tag and the Meta keywords tag are not seen by users. Instead, these tags main purpose is providing Meta document data to user agents, such as search engines. In addition to the well-known Meta description and keywords tags, there are some other useful Meta tags, including the Meta http-equiv tag, Meta refresh tag, the Meta robots tag, the Meta copyright tag, and the Meta author tag, etc.

These tags are used to give web browsers and search engine spiders directions or data on various information.. Also these tags helps search engine to describe the web page. Most of other search engines like google are still categorize their data according to META tags. So META tags can be used for search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you want to Insert Meta tags to your page?

Ok I know the Answer is YES. Lets do it like this

1st step
Sign in to your blogger account.

2nd step

3rd step
Find the header section (press Ctrl+F and type <head>)
Past the code given in below (this code is made for my blog)

<meta content='Adsense, Forex, SEO, Blogging, tools, tutorials, crazy, stream, bogger, secretes, vector, free, icons, design, Fun' name='keywords'/>
<meta content=' free SEO tricks, traffic building methods, blog tricks, blog tools, Adsense Secrets, Forex Trading, Forex Guide, templates , web tricks, blog tricks funny thing and etc i got. all of them are always free for you.' name='description'/>
<meta content='20 Days' name='Revisit-after'/>
<meta content='Global' name='Distribution'/>
<meta content='english' name='Language'/>
<meta content='never' name='Expires'/>
<meta content='Rasika' name='author'/>
<meta content=' 2011, Meet the Bloggers ' name='copyright'/>
<meta content='index' name='robots'/>

Identify and insert relevant data to you page, (the bold Content are inserted relevant to my page). Some time you may have no idea about these codes. So
Please be patient I will next describe you about these codes. Have a nice day

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google +1 Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

Google +1 Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

When we hear the word Internet, number of things comes to our mind, but when we saying about search engine, Google have the domination on this term. Indeed, the expression “Google it,” has become a slogan most of us say at least once a day. Google has this impact for the good reasons; it is one of the most groundbreaking, powerful and the largest search engine in the whole world. With its enormous pool of very talented programmers, Google normally tries to remain at the helm with its technical prowess and from time to its modernizations even throw a spanner in the works of the Search Engine Optimization, web creation and landing page designs. That is all about google.

Google has implemented some of the social media and networking web page features, and has come out with Google +1 button, which is very similar to “like” button that we see on the Facebook. The whole notion makes sense from a consumer point of view – your friend tells you that something is good; you presume it is, and is enthusiastic over try it. Prior to the social media boom, we had to deal with the advice of salespersons as they slowly tried to induce us to purchase that product. As we are all aware, building trust and a good status with customers is important to a healthy business, but when we have relatives and friends, who already have gotten that trust, recommending products, the result is a constructive one for all.

For all those who do not consider themselves Internet practical understanding, Google plus one button authorizes others who are conducting searches to propose and endorse the chosen web page to other users or even their close relatives. When you find some constructive listing after carrying out search on some subject, you can let somebody know of this by just clicking on the “+1” button placed just besides the linkage. It is in reality a kind of “thumbs up” to a particular website or link. While clicking on this button, if you are on Gmail or the Google account, your name will flicker on the contacts or the friends who has a connection with you through different Google accounts. This makes this function very personalized and social. One can get all these when you buy Google plus one.

It is now clear that when you buy Google +1, it will definitely have some impact on the ways you do business than the earlier used SEO. This “+1” button will not remain restricted to the Google search listings alone, but will soon be available to various other websites all across the internet. Moreover, this clearly shows that, Google plus one improves your search engine ranking. The owners of web pages can place this button on their locations to seek of approvals and then observe then during analytics. This is an innovative way of the Google to fine-tune their ranking method for the search engine by relying not only on their algorithms but on the approvals of the users as well.

Please be patient I’ll next tell you how to add Google + button to your web page or blog.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Submit your blog to Google search results

Submit your blog to Google search results
You all know traffic is the most valuable thing for a blog or site. You may be known search engines are the most effective traffic driving method. So it's very important to submit your blog for the search result. That’s why most of people try to submit there site to search engines. From all of search engines Google is the most powerful and most attractive search engine in the world. It is easy to submit your blog or site to Google search engine. Here I tell you it step by step.

1st step
Login to your Google account

2nd step

3rd step
 Add your URL and give a little comment about it (2- 3 Line enough)

4th step
Then type the captcha code correctly and submit it.

After submitting the captcha you will redirected to the same page again. Now you have submitted the URL to Google search engine

This is not enough to get indexed. Also you have to tell the blog updates to the Google every time then they will Index your blog at the search result
Use this steps I’m use this always, get success

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How can we earn money from Forex trading?

How can we earn money from Forex trading ????

The values of the currencies are change in every millisecond in the forex market so the profit and loss of a forex trader is totally dependent on changes in the value of currencies. And the margin of the buying and selling rate is call profit.  
United States Dollars ($) and Euro (€) are the hottest and favorite currencies in the Forex market. These are like martini for the James Bonds of Forex market. The other most popular currencies are the Canadian Dollar (CAD), the Australian dollar (AUD), the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and the Japanese Yen (¥). There are many examples of people in the market who has changed there fortunes by Forex trading. Warren Buffet, the world's richest man has invested his more than 20 billion dollars in Forex market.
With the change in technology Forex market has changed its mode of trading also. Earlier forex trading was done through telephone only. Now many companies are providing user friendly online trading panel in the forex market.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is Forex market ????

What is Forex market ????
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Forex market is the world’s biggest currency exchanging market that bye and sell money between countries and nations. It can make many people richer and prosperous. But what is Forex? What is the meaning of Forex market?
Forex is the combination of starting words of two letters that are Foreign and exchange. Where the place that exchange money (buy and sell) and make profit is called as Forex Market.
In forex trading, currencies are exchanged to earn profit. The most important feature of this trading is that it is done on global level means people around the world can place trades and earn profits. It is estimated that more than trillion US dollars trading is done in a day. Forex trading like share market works for 5 days starting from Monday and ends at Friday making it 24/7 business. The big guns of forex trades are large banks, International corporations and large financial institutions.
The theme of forex trade is "free floating currencies". "Free floating currencies" are used for those currencies which are not supported by any specific product like diamond, gold, silver, oil etc.


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