Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Submit your blog to Google search results

Submit your blog to Google search results
You all know traffic is the most valuable thing for a blog or site. You may be known search engines are the most effective traffic driving method. So it's very important to submit your blog for the search result. That’s why most of people try to submit there site to search engines. From all of search engines Google is the most powerful and most attractive search engine in the world. It is easy to submit your blog or site to Google search engine. Here I tell you it step by step.

1st step
Login to your Google account

2nd step

3rd step
 Add your URL and give a little comment about it (2- 3 Line enough)

4th step
Then type the captcha code correctly and submit it.

After submitting the captcha you will redirected to the same page again. Now you have submitted the URL to Google search engine

This is not enough to get indexed. Also you have to tell the blog updates to the Google every time then they will Index your blog at the search result
Use this steps I’m use this always, get success


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