Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google +1 Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

Google +1 Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

When we hear the word Internet, number of things comes to our mind, but when we saying about search engine, Google have the domination on this term. Indeed, the expression “Google it,” has become a slogan most of us say at least once a day. Google has this impact for the good reasons; it is one of the most groundbreaking, powerful and the largest search engine in the whole world. With its enormous pool of very talented programmers, Google normally tries to remain at the helm with its technical prowess and from time to its modernizations even throw a spanner in the works of the Search Engine Optimization, web creation and landing page designs. That is all about google.

Google has implemented some of the social media and networking web page features, and has come out with Google +1 button, which is very similar to “like” button that we see on the Facebook. The whole notion makes sense from a consumer point of view – your friend tells you that something is good; you presume it is, and is enthusiastic over try it. Prior to the social media boom, we had to deal with the advice of salespersons as they slowly tried to induce us to purchase that product. As we are all aware, building trust and a good status with customers is important to a healthy business, but when we have relatives and friends, who already have gotten that trust, recommending products, the result is a constructive one for all.

For all those who do not consider themselves Internet practical understanding, Google plus one button authorizes others who are conducting searches to propose and endorse the chosen web page to other users or even their close relatives. When you find some constructive listing after carrying out search on some subject, you can let somebody know of this by just clicking on the “+1” button placed just besides the linkage. It is in reality a kind of “thumbs up” to a particular website or link. While clicking on this button, if you are on Gmail or the Google account, your name will flicker on the contacts or the friends who has a connection with you through different Google accounts. This makes this function very personalized and social. One can get all these when you buy Google plus one.

It is now clear that when you buy Google +1, it will definitely have some impact on the ways you do business than the earlier used SEO. This “+1” button will not remain restricted to the Google search listings alone, but will soon be available to various other websites all across the internet. Moreover, this clearly shows that, Google plus one improves your search engine ranking. The owners of web pages can place this button on their locations to seek of approvals and then observe then during analytics. This is an innovative way of the Google to fine-tune their ranking method for the search engine by relying not only on their algorithms but on the approvals of the users as well.

Please be patient I’ll next tell you how to add Google + button to your web page or blog.


very informative information that I needed to stay unpdated on what google is doing. I will add a +1 button on my page too.

Indeed, there are few factors which increase our search engine ranking and one of them is google +1.
Its about user feedback, which can be in terms of google +1 or like or tweet or can be blacklist.

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