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Do Four Things Before Sending People to Your Blogg

Why your website is not you making money

Do you have a professional looking website, does it have fancy graphics was it designed by an expert? Can you answer yes to these questions. If you can, so what! Yeah that's right so what. Yes I know that all of your friends have told you how nice your website looks and how clever you are, but let me ask you a question how many sales have you made. 

The Look Of Your Website

Look don't get me wrong I have nothing against fancy looking websites, by all means spend $100 or $200 to get your professional graphics done but lets focus on what's your website about you want to sell something. Having a extremely nice looking professional website is all well and good but if you don't make the sale you stay broke. Sure you could get a web designer or a English professor or better yet a professional writer to provide the words for your site, but unless they have copy writing and writing skills in abundance save your money and fire them now. Repeat after me, my website is designed to sell something if I want people to buy then I have to sell the benefits of my product or service to them.

Hiring The Best People

When you hired those so called know all people to write your ad copy for your website did you bother to check their credentials, can they provide proof of other ads that they've written and show the conversion rates. If not don't worry because the best person to write copy for your website is you, "but I can't write" I hear you say rubbish, of course you can. You just need to follow some simple common sense rules before you start to write your ad copy. The first rule is to be personal in your writing and always sell the benefits of your offer first and the features last. For example: if you were to tell me that your car has heated front seats fitted that would be a

feature, but if you told me that your heated front seats helps cure backache that would be a benefit especially to people who are suffering with back problems. So remember when you write think benefits, benefits, benefits.

How To Do Your Sales Pitch

If I were standing in front of you now and you could explain in words why I should buy your product you would have most of the ad copy needed to put on your website right there. This is a tactic often used by the top copy writers before they begin writing about a product, They simply interview the top salesperson of the company and then use the transcript notes as the rough draft for the ad copy. There are plenty of websites with the Welcome to My Website headline let me just tell you that if you are using this then you are making a Hugh mistake, because this type of headline serves no purpose.

No Headline No Sales

The first thing that people should see when they visit your website is your headline not fancy graphics or a flash presentation. Most websites get this wrong and have headlines which are not clearly visible or worse no headline at all. Its a fact that visitors to your website will often read only the headline and if they can't see a benefit to them guess what! Click That's right they will click away from your website just on the strength or weakness of your headline so get this right by making sure your headline sits at the very top of the page and has a larger font and a different color than the rest of the text on your website.You can use other colors for presentation purposes but the main text colour should be black with a white background.

Headlines and benefits are just two of the core principles of ad writing that you need to know if you want your website to convert well, Unfortunately this article is to short to show you the rest but if I were to make one final recommendation to you, it would be to download a good ebook or find a website where you can learn more about this subject


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