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Meta Tag Explained

Meta Tag Explained

(Meta Tag Part II)

Hello friends, as I told u in earlier post to day finally I’m going to describe Meta tag codes one by one
I think you have added Meta tags to you page after reading my last post about Meta tags,

Title Tag

<Title> Your Blog Title<Title/>

This tag is mostly use by search engine bots (ex: google bot….) to index your blog in search results. Also it gives a quick description to search engines.

Description Tag

<Meta content='Your Blog Description Here' name='description'/>

Under this tag you can add a short description about your blog, but don’t use more than 30-35 characters to do that because nearly first 20-25 characters are only displaying in search result , so use KISS format, don’t misunderstand I mean Keep It Short and Sweet. This is the most important tag.

Keywords Tag

<Meta content=’ Keywords of Your Blog' name='keywords'/> 

This tag is also looks like the Description tag. Keywords tag is typically used for synonyms and alternates of title words. Under this tag you can add some key words related to your blog content. From this tag Search engine can identify the content about your blog and show your blog at related keyword search results. But don’t add many keywords as you can because as I told early most of search engines are indexed only first 80-100 characters of this section. So add only most valuable key words to this section

Author Tag

<Meta content="Blog owners Name" name="author"/>

This tag is not purpose for the SEO, because this tag describe only the ownership of the blog, it means if you are the owner of this blog you can include your name to this tag. From this you can add a professional look to the blog.

Copyright Tag

<Meta content="2011, Your Trademark" name="copyright"/>

The Copyright tag is used to include a copyright, trademark, patent, or other information that related to intellectual property. But Please be aware that the Meta Copyright tag will not protect your blog content or your intellectual property

Language Tag

<Meta Name="Language" Content="English">
The Meta Language tag is used to observe the language you used to create the website. Webmasters who wants to confirm the primary language of the web page can use this Language tag.
If you are using another language other than English I always highly recommend you to use Meta Language tag.

Revisit Tag

< Meta Name ="Revisit-After" Content="30 days Days">

The Meta Revisit tag is used to inform search engine bots when to return to index your site. Site like blogs are always updating so search engine bots have to come and index new updates to there search engines. My recommendation is keep this between 15-25 days. but according to my knowledge search engine bots are not obey to our commands, even we added meta revisit tag they came back to our blog to index it in there own schedule. So my view is this is not a very important tag.

Expires Tag

<Meta Content="Never" Name="Expires"/>
Meta Expires tag is used to announce the date and time, after when the blog article should be considered as expired. Use never for the blogs and if u wants to ad expiration date, add it in “Day Month Year” format (Ex: “06 December 2011”). But according to my experience this Tag is worthless.

Distribution Tag

<Meta Content="global" Name="distribution"/>

The Meta Distribution tag is used to declare the distribution of your blog content.
There are three methods on it
  • Global – To entire worlds
  • Local - reserved for the local IP block of your site
  • IU - Internal Use, not for public distribution only for internal use
Now I think you have got some idea about Meta tags. Keep reading forward more SEO news coming soon.

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