Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to add a good Keyword by a Keyword Research

How to add a good Keyword by a Keyword Research

What is a Keyword

Keywords are the most powerful element in a SEO campaign. Simply they are the words that match against search strings in different search engine queries. On the whole they are not just help to SEO campaign also it help to improve the bulk of visitors.

Let’s break this word in to two pars

Key + Word

It means the key that use to step in your blog or site to the search engines is keyword.
I think now you can understand better than previous.
Choosing the right keyword is the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. If you fail to choose the right keyword the future of your blog or site will be very jaggy and like you waist your time and money both. So when you going to select a keyword first you must do a keyword research.

What is a Keyword Research?

A keyword research is an early, critical step in search engine optimization. It’s the difference between guessing what your visitors are searching for and knowing what they are searching for. In this position you need a little instinct to guess what your visitors looking for.


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